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Practice by IntellectualMusic Practice :iconintellectualmusic:IntellectualMusic 1 0 Pixie by IntellectualMusic Pixie :iconintellectualmusic:IntellectualMusic 1 0 Dream Wolf - IM ID by IntellectualMusic Dream Wolf - IM ID :iconintellectualmusic:IntellectualMusic 0 0 Snowville by IntellectualMusic Snowville :iconintellectualmusic:IntellectualMusic 1 0
Bartender: Why do you come here?
To dream. I’m a Cheshire Cat chasing Alice.
Doctor: Stable but, it’s unlikely they will make it. Alcohol poisoning.
Soul mate: Cheshire cat. This is Alice. Come find me.
Nurse: Doctor you should  come a…
Doctor: Shh…
Nurse: Doctor you really need to…What is it?
Doctor: Look. Witness a miracle.
Nurse: A full recovery!
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Twas the Night Before A Furcadia Update
‘Twas the night before a furcadia update and all through the game;
Not a ninja was stirring not even for fame.
You see he was must beloved for a funny but infamous crime,
Of crashing the server at least seven times!
The players were weaving and patching their beds;
While visions of the Second Dreaming danced in their heads.
The Primes were restless, paws and claws a tap,
Except for a brunien who settled for the long winter’s nap.
When out from the Heimdall there arose such a clatter;
Prompting Horton and Tribble  to see what was the matter.
Away to the channels the beekins flew like a flash;
Threw on their badges and were there in a dash!
Support tickets abounded with huffs and stares;
With hopes that Cironir would soon be there!
All was well after the bugges did appear,
With the statement that net weather was to blame I fear.
So it was back to dreams and RP, so lively and quick,
While Emmie requested certain projects to get preference of picks.
Dr. Cat’s pending
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Artic Pookie by IntellectualMusic Artic Pookie :iconintellectualmusic:IntellectualMusic 1 0 A furling Adventure by IntellectualMusic A furling Adventure :iconintellectualmusic:IntellectualMusic 1 0 Official Furcadia Items by IntellectualMusic Official Furcadia Items :iconintellectualmusic:IntellectualMusic 0 1 Ekki Forest by IntellectualMusic Ekki Forest :iconintellectualmusic:IntellectualMusic 0 0 Pendulum by IntellectualMusic Pendulum :iconintellectualmusic:IntellectualMusic 0 0
A once crafty individual from the trade of slight in hand was brandished as an ornament of indecent proposals; seen as a suitable reprimand for former iniquities. A coat of sand diamonds gleamed pleasurably with a fresh wash of wheat creams, offset by peculiarly befitting aquamarine rosettes. Jasmine added desirable emphasis to the crown of umber fades, that broaden out to tip each notable extremity. Around the malleable creatures throat was a symbol dressed in coal, barely visible within a plush, downy shroud enveloping from stern to stem. Inverted loathing with sadistic tendency fueled the slight Siberian, whilst shadowing wonders of the third kind upon his brow of consciousness.
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Born by the image of Fenrir, the God Fighter upheld the honor of the Valkyrie with every distinct blow of razor steel secured smartly upon an oaken post. Her countenance was made of brass fixtures, sepia hide and coal fleece set upon either shoulder. Braided and kept to a side were tresses of fine snowfall enfolding sheer blue, heterochromatic irises with silver tainted pine. Her figure exalted the splendor of Freyja, appropriately marked for war by a scrawling jet pallet, pale metal lines and an undercoat of glistening ivory. Twin gashes were eternally etched of auburn and thoughtfully placed upon the left side and right cheek. Holding it dear was feathered down to conquer every foe ‘til Ragnarok come.
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Granulated sand spectacles gleam akin to pure lucent crystals, balanced by a spray of foam that is nothing short of blissful; lining the earths edge with a zephyr of culminating waves, sheer enough to witness life in depths where aquatic beings wade. Calm winds coach the graceful body with hypnotizing white lines, which stretch on to eternity unfathomable by mortal eyes. Lushly dense forests envelop at every curve, mimicking leaning palms reaching for light they so deserve. Bronze and fallow stones speckle the sea and mountain heights, pointing to cotton formations in the troposphere of pure delights. Such unrelenting beauty remains untouched by vice, confirming all suspicious that this is paradise.
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Faery Mischief by IntellectualMusic Faery Mischief :iconintellectualmusic:IntellectualMusic 0 0 Dark Faery by IntellectualMusic Dark Faery :iconintellectualmusic:IntellectualMusic 0 0


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Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
Currently Without Net!


For those wondering this Deviant Art is set up mostly for exposure of items pertaining to and relating to Furcadia. However there are other items scattered about for enjoyment so please feel free to have a look around. If you would like to inquire about a commission send me a note or please contact the Furcadia character Intellectual Music.

Pricing is fair and can always be negotiated. Paypal and Dragon Scales accepted.

Digos will NOT always be accepted even if listed. This is merely a possible alternative offer.

Acceptable Life Digos:
DP4L, GS4L, SS4L, Avatar Space, Specitag space, Desctag space, Kitterdust, Direhound, kitterkin, Fluff, Noble Feline, Flox, Gryffe, Purrwing, Foxen, Purrkin, Owlen, Wolven, Prime Wings, portspace, Certain 4L furc destags

Commission Status

:bulletblack:Dreams: Closed
:bulletblack:Port art: Closed
:star: Character Sketch: Open - Free! :star: Click Here!
:bulletblack:Descriptions: Closed 69-82 Descs written! :pencil:

In Progress:


Wait List:

Awaiting Payment

:pencil: Dreams $20+
:pencil: Sketch (Traditional) $5+
:pencil: Descriptions $1-$5

I will likely NOT accept Page Desc's at this time.


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:love: Squee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love::happybounce: La la la la :squee:  where has "yous" been!!!!!!
Lalama-Kaimana Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Caught up in that thing called life... I mean... whats up with THAT?!  It's like a stinking vortex that never releases you!  I hope you've been doing well!  I just got back in to Furc recently.
IntellectualMusic Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Sweet. Yeah that life thing is ridiculous isn't it? I mean it demands so much time that could be put to better use :P If you want to meet up on furc let me know :)
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Thanks for watching me, Music!
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No problem. I like to see what things you come up with. Free happy face emoticon! 
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Thank you for the favorite!
IntellectualMusic Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
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